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Use’s Insights feature to optimize your event types

Assantewa Heubi
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Use’s Insights feature to optimize your event types

As a people-centered product, always looks for new ways to make communication easier. is more than just a booking link; it's a whole suite of tools that work together to enable individuals as well as brands as they embark on their calendar scheduling journey. We want to free our users so they can spend less time figuring out when and how of making things happen. This is important because we know that reducing time-based variables is one of the easiest ways to increase impact. Every moment that a person isn't involved in some variety of communication ping pong is a moment that can be reallocated elsewhere. Bit by bit, these seconds, minutes, and hours can add up as your organization redefines what efficiency feels like.

What are Insights?

Our commitment to ensuring you have the tools you need to make the best time-based decisions continues once you've signed up for one of our plans. We're always looking at our product from different angles and fine-tuning our offerings to optimize our ecosystem. One of our most valuable features is Insights.'s Insights page provides a bird's-eye view of your team's booking activity. This data includes information such as who is booking the most events, cancellation rates, and more. This information makes it easy for you to make informed, data-based decisions. Using Insights lets you assess whether specific teams or departments require additional human capital or could benefit from adjusting their hours of operation. With Insights, you can easily identify the most popular event time and event types and use their data to design your booking best practices.

Where to find the Insight dashboard:

  • Log in to your account.

  • Select the Insights tab on the left-hand side of the computer dashboard.

  • Click the "create a team" button and upgrade your account if needed.

  • If you already have a team plan, then as soon as you've clicked on the "Insights" tab, you'll be able to view the relevant dashboard.

Using's Insights feature is a straightforward way for organizations and distributed teams to gain meaningful data to help them make more effective decisions. With Insights' information, you no longer have to wonder why some event or booking types are more popular than others. Instead, you can simply look at the generated data and identify the commonalities between the most popular events. You might find that it's related to the length of the event, the date and times available for the specific event, or the subject and personnel involved. As cheesy as it sounds, knowledge is power, and the informative data delivered by our Insights dashboard is one of the most straightforward tools that you can use as part of empowering your team. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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