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Using Tandem Video with Your Online Calendar

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Sydney O
Sydney O

Use Cal With Tandem Video

So we’ve all thought a lot about work recently, especially in this pandemic era, a lot of people are wondering how they can make their lives easier in a remote realm.

What would it look like to work synchronously, remotely? What about having a virtual office? Is this something that is possible in a remote or distributed environment? The founders at Tandem have come up with a solution for all of us. It's not VR, but it's the closest thing to in-person collaboration!

With Tandem, you can see live who's available right now and what app they are working in. Talk and screen share in one-click and turns “let’s schedule a call” into a real time meet up.

Users have touted the amazing ability to feel like they are truly with their team and feel connected even when they’re far apart. You can do everything from co-working in rooms, joining active conversations, talking instantly to anyone who is available, and seeing others’ screens and cursors.

Taking it a step further, you can now integrate Tandem video calling with your Cal account.

How To Link Tandem Video With A Account :

1.) Sign into your account

2.) Install the Tandem App

3.) Select “Connect” on the Tandem Video option

4.) Sign into your Tandem account is here for the future of scheduling, let us worry about your calendar while you focus on your work.

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