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Ciarán Hanrahan
Ciarán HanrahanHead of Product v2.8 - Managed event types, Insights & more…

Welcome to our v2.8 release. This month we have some new features to help your teams flourish. With new things like managed event types and Insights, you’ll be able to better serve the people around you. As always, we also have a long list of other improvements and small wins.

Create managed event types for your team members

Team admins now have the ability to manage event-types for their members, to facilitate creating common event-types for all members and managing them from one place.

Say you’re a sales manager admin and want to create an event type for your entire sales assistants to be able to use as individuals. You can now create one event type and assign it to all of your assistants. Your members can set their own availability, connect their calendar and link their own conferencing apps, while you control the rest. We will be following this up with more granular control over what each member will be able to edit.

Booking insights across all your team

Track exactly what your team is doing, daily, month over month, year over year. With insights, you can see everything from event creation to events rescheduled and cancelled, and use filters to see graphs across event types, timeframes, teams and more. You can also see the average length of meetings that took place, and which events have the most booking frequency by person, or in your entire organization.

If you’re looking for insights you don’t see yet, reach out to [email protected] to ask for more! We’ll be continually adding to insights in the coming releases.

Fully branded themes and dark mode

We’re providing the ability to fully theme Cal, to brand your public booking pages and your in-app experience, allowing you to seamlessly align our platform with your brand's identity. Self-hosters today can simply modify their global.css file to create their own theme. Hosted users of will just have to wait a few more days to be able to manage their team.

We're also excited to announce that our app supports both light and dark mode, providing a beautiful experience every hour of the day. It will automatically adjust based on your system settings.

New apps & features

New App: Start scheduling calls in Discord!
Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform you can use to communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities.

New App: Google Tag Manager
Another great addition to our analytics app offering. Once you add Google Tag Manager, you can apply your tracking code to any event type.

Place a hold on cards
If you take payments with Stripe for your bookings, you now have the ability to place a hold on cards so you can charge people if they fail to show.

Fixes & small wins

  • Fixed an issue where meetings were not getting deleted in Zoom when the meeting was cancelled.

  • Fixed an issue where events were not being added to Outlook.

  • Allow the Reschedule Reason input to be marked as required when people are rescheduling a booking.

  • We added illustrations to the categories in our app store.

  • Pushed a fix so that we don’t schedule cancelled workflow reminders.

  • We made some UI and UX improvements to our booking questions.

  • Fix an issue where we weren’t showing seat attendees in emails.

  • Fixed an issue to correctly show the default destination calendar in the event type settings.

  • We now show team members booking links in the settings page.

  • Fixed an issue where the Reschedule Reason was not shown on the booking success page.

  • Fixed an issue where the booking was missing the video call link after a reschedule.

  • Pushed a fix for Apple Calendar failing availability check because of Shared Calendars.

  • Fix rescheduling updating calendars & duplicate bookings.

  • Add team members to iCal, Apple Cal, Outlook, and Lark calendar events.

  • Fixes an issue where sometimes the last shown slot was unavailable.

  • We remove from the title when branding is disabled.

  • Fixed additional inputs as variables in custom workflow templates.

  • Fixed the “reschedule reason” title in emails.

We pushed so many fixes this month that we can’t list them all here, but you can view all here.

Tip of the month: Get paid for your calls

Using our Stripe App, it’s simple to get paid for your time. Install the Stripe App and connect it with the events you want to collect payment. Check out this feature video on our Stripe integration:

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back with more features around teams next month. If you'd like to give us feedback on anything we've shipped this month, email [email protected] we'd love to hear from you!

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