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Ciarán Hanrahan
Ciarán HanrahanHead of Product v3.8

Welcome to the 3.8 changelog. The team was back in full swing this month! We merged 186 pull requests, 21 of which were new features and made huge strides with our product for larger Organizations. Let’s get into it!

Round-robin priority ranking

Our round-robin feature for teams enables you to distribute bookings among your team members evenly by booking the least recently booked available team member.

From today, you can now add a priority to each member so that the team member with the highest priority available is booked. If multiple members have the same priority, we booked the least recently booked available team member. By default, each member starts with a priority of medium. You can adjust the priority from High to Low with 5 levels.

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Choose the email you want to be displayed as organizer

This one has been long overdue and is a really nice new feature for those of you using for a variety of purposes. You can now connect multiple Google accounts to one account and display different email addresses as the organizer for different event types. This means you can have a personal and work email address all on your current username, and your bookers will only see the email address you want them to see.

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Branding for Organizations

We’re making improvements to our Organizations product on a daily basis and with each release it’s better and better. This month among many small improvements, we’ve added the ability to brand your scheduling links with a banner image. We’ll be making big improvements to the public booking pages in the next release.

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New features & apps

  • We now send an email for you to confirm email changes.

  • We added the ability for you to easily assign a managed event to all your team members.

  • New app: Salesroom - An AI-powered video call platform for sales.

  • We now allow self-hosters to override how many days are loaded for their booker to improve load times for the booker.

  • We added a feature to our Orgs plan where you can make the members list private so members won’t see other members

  • On the public booking page, we now show a preview of the Video apps available rather than showing the URL.

  • When payments are enabled, we now change the button label to “Pay & book” so it’s clearer what step is next in the flow.

  • We added a plan upgrade page.

  • We added a bunch of improvements to our Instant meeting feature including adding team member’s profile pictures.

  • We added a feature to allow admins to filter bookings by attendee emails.

  • We added optional filtering by date to the consumer API, and integration with

  • Instead of running a query for every user in a team event when finding bookings that hit limit boundaries, we now get all bookings for all users in the group at the beginning.

  • We fixed a performance issue where date overrides were being added to the list of slots and their calculations even when the overrides fell outside of the start/end window of the requested schedule.

  • We fixed an issue to prevent linking to an organization URL from inside an embeds via the profile.

  • We fixed an issue in Collective Events where it wasn’t possible to change or edit the duration of an event via the link and it could only be done in the UI.

  • We fixed a height issue with our public booker embed caused by the position of a static banner).

  • We fixed some layout issues in the settings area for our new OOO feature.

  • We fixed a scroll issue with our troubleshooter.

  • We made some small improvements for variables in our routing-from routes.

  • We fixed a filtering events bug in the bookings page.

  • We fixed an issue caused if you tried to connect the same calendar account twice.

  • We fixed an issue where org members had the same event slugs wrong event types were shown on org event type links.

  • We fixed an issue where "Hiding notes in calendar" kept reverting to off despite saving.

  • We fixed an issue where before/after event buffers weren’t rendering correctly.

  • We fixed an issue with the wrong start and end date shown for OOO entries. This was caused by two issues (both of them depended on the user's browser timezone).

  • We fixed an issue where the calendar event description showed the event slug instead of the title under 'what'.

  • We fixed a bug where recurring dates were displaying incorrectly.

  • As usual, there were many many more fixes and you can view them all here.

That’s it for this month, thanks for reading. If you'd like to give us feedback on anything we've shipped this month - we'd love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]

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