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What is Cron?

Assantewa Heubi
Assantewa HeubiContent Creator
What is Cron?

Introducing Cron

Cron is a meticulously designed calendar scheduling product for professionals and teams. It supports everything from availability sharing to team overlays and multiple time zones. The application was voted the number one productivity app in 2021 and has since been acquired by Notion. This move demonstrates the productivity industry’s confidence in Cron's ability to continue innovating and improving the consumer calendar experience. As a next-generation calendar scheduling product, Cron has continued to attract attention and make waves during its development process. They have recently released Cron for iOS, giving Apple users access to its intuitive and innovative features. Despite being in beta, Cron is already being used by people at companies such as Figma, Loom, and Notion. It is packed with adaptive enhancements that anticipate user needs before the mouse clicks and comes with light and dark modes.

Why should you use Cron with

While Cron and are both calendar scheduling tools, they differ in terms of scope and application. Cron is a consumer calendar scheduling product, while is a calendar scheduling infrastructure product. can handle tasks such as round-robin scheduling, multiple availabilities, and powering a time-based marketplace. In addition, our product has features like private single-use links, routing forms, and advanced video conferencing capabilities. 

Our product is easy to customize since it’s open-source and developer-friendly. If you need an integration that isn’t already part of our app store, building it yourself is a fairly straightforward process. By combining Cron with, you can take advantage of the strengths of both products and set yourself up for success while saving time.

How to integrate Cron and

Integrating Cron with is a super straightforward process; all you have to do is sign up for a Cron account and then connect it to your account via google calendar. Doing this ensures both products are aware of what the other is doing and prevents unnecessary double bookings. In addition, this also means that all meetings booked via will show up in Cron. As you can see, using Cron and in combination is a simple way to cover all of your calendar scheduling bases. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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