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Create a bookable event for 1:1 GitHub PR reviews

Assantewa Heubi
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Create a bookable event for 1:1 GitHub PR reviews

A simple way to save time

People often use phrases like "time is money," but it's so much more than that. Time is life experience, wisdom gained, and a finite resource. Ideally, we'd love to spend our time surrounded by people who inspire us and engage in actions that generate visible results. The only problem is that to make these sorts of things happen, we typically have to engage in foundational, repetitive tasks that feel inefficient. A key example of this can be found when trying to arrange meetings. The appointment in question might be related to your health, career, educational goals, or social responsibilities. Regardless of the topic, trying to find a window to meet is often a ritualistic practice consisting of cross-comparing schedules and sending messages back and forth like tennis balls. However, tools like can speed up and transform this tedious process. is a minimalist and accessible calendar scheduling platform that syncs with your digital calendars. It considers multiple availability schedules and supports features like video conferencing and white-labeling. The platform comes in various flavors suited to a wide range of needs. Our options include a free individual plan, an affordable team plan, comprehensive enterprise plans, and a customizable platform-level product. Whatever your calendar scheduling needs are, can meet them. Our product helps you save time by providing the tools needed to create and book meetings tailored to your industry, role, and schedule.

The power of additional input fields

As a product, has a wide variety of features, capabilities, and integrations. Many of these tools are self-explanatory. After all, it's obvious how and why you would use routing forms, workflows, or an app store. However, we also have other features with slightly more technical naming schemes that can unlock a wide range of customization capabilities. A prime example of this can be found via our event-level booking questions. Enabling booking questions allows you to create unique bookable events tailored to your workflow and your industry. An applicable use case of this feature could be a senior software engineer using the add a question field to create an event just for a 1:1 live review of GitHub pull requests. Creating this type of event has multiple benefits. For example, it allows you to bypass any chat or email tag when trying to arrange a time to connect with a coworker. It also creates a designated space for providing constructive feedback that improves efficiency and feedback.

How to create a custom event for GitHub PR reviews:

  • Log into your account.

  • Select the "Event Types" tab and then select the "New" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Name your event and add a description.

  • Specify the length of time for your event.

  • Click the "Continue" button.

  • Select the "Availability" tab on the left-hand side of the event dashboard.

  • Select the work schedule that you want to apply to this event.

  • Click the "Save" button in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Select the "Advanced" tab on the left-hand side of the event.

  • Scroll down to “Booking Questions”.

  • Click “+ Add A Question”.

  • Select "Short Text" from the "Inputs" drop-down menu.

  • Type "GitHub PR Link" in the "Label" field.

  • Make sure the new question is marked as "Required".

  • Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

  • Finally, click the "Save" button in the top right-hand corner of your event.

Using the "Booking Questions" field is an easy way to customize your calendar scheduling environment so that it is suited to your particular workflow. This field is quick to implement and only requires advanced knowledge unrelated to your role and area of specialization. It is just one more way that takes the stress out of scheduling so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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