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How bookable recurring events can simplify scheduling.

Assantewa Heubi
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How bookable recurring events can simplify scheduling.

Simplifying recurring events

Scheduling is one of those things that should be easy but often ends up being oddly complicated. It’s not that scheduling is hard to learn or difficult to explain, but rather that it involves lots of moving pieces. Coordinating meetings and appointments tends to be challenging specifically because you’re working with multiple sets of information. For example, whenever you have to find a date and time that works with the schedules of two or more individuals. Booking a one-off meeting can be a trial in and of itself, but trying to arrange multiple recurring meetings often ends up being an odyssey. Luckily, makes all forms of appointment setting and scheduling simple. This means that creating recurring events with is a straightforward, pain-free, and most importantly, an efficient process.

Recurring events for individuals

Recurring events are a part of life; we find them everywhere, so it makes sense to simplify booking them. Using for scheduling and managing recurring events is easy; they work just like regular events. 

You can set specific hours of availability, incorporate payments, add automated reminders and cancel or reschedule with a simple click of a button. Recurring events are great for simplifying a whole host of projects and commitments. They can be whatever you need them to be. 

As an individual, you can use recurring events to supercharge your side hustle or to stay in touch with family and friends. For example, a recurring event can be a game night, a call with your grandmother, or that one day a month you devote to helping your best friend grow their Twitch channel. 

Recurring events for businesses

Recurring bookings are an essential part of every business. They’re used by doctor’s offices, consultants, coaches, and fitness professionals of all stripes. A recurring event can be as simple as a weekly team meeting or as complex as a biannual retreat. allows organizations to create recurring events specific to their industry. You can combine the recurrent event feature with other features like opt-in bookings or routing forms. These tools ensure that the appointment is booked with the correct team member or department and only added to the schedule calendar after it’s been officially confirmed. 

Using to manage and schedule recurring events helps simplify things for both the host and the attendee. It means you don’t have to compare schedules, and if something comes up and the event needs to be canceled, rescheduling can happen with a simple click of a button. takes the stress out of scheduling so you can focus on everything else. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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