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How To Use Calendar Scheduling In Emails.

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Assantewa Heubi
Assantewa Heubi

Using calendar scheduling in emails

Calendar scheduling has been around for a long time, but up until relatively recently, it wasn't very interactive. Thankfully things have changed; we now have access to scheduling infrastructure platforms that let us set custom availability and can integrate with multiple apps to help us avoid double-bookings.

People use calendar scheduling because it makes life easier. It takes the back and forth out of coordinating multiple times and dates. However, sometimes getting used to calendar scheduling as part of communicating via email can be a bit awkward. How do you go about sharing your bookable calendar link without stepping on any virtual toes? Should you send a separate email about calendar scheduling? Do you write a short message that starts with P.S. and then continues to explain what a bookable calendar link is? All of these scenarios seem like they could add more complications and potentially begin that game of email ping pong we're all trying to avoid.

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We use calendar scheduling to save time, but how will we accomplish that if the other parties aren't familiar with calendar scheduling? What is polite? A simple one-line message in your email. Here's an example of a sentence I like to use when sending my bookable link.

"Here's my calendar link; you can use it to book a meeting with me at the time that works best for you."

Another option is to have a link to your bookable calendar as part of your email signature. This works by making calendar scheduling a part of every email and normalizes the idea that when someone's communicating with you and they want to book an appointment, you're going to use calendar scheduling as part of the process.

We all have different reasons for using calendar scheduling apps; I might use it because I'm working remotely, and a scheduling app makes it easier to keep track of the meetings in different time zones. You might use it because, in addition to being a working professional, you're also a primary caregiver and an active member of your community volunteer groups. Regardless of why we need calendar scheduling tools, it's important to remember that we use them to make the most of our time.

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