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Online scheduling & appointment setting for realtors

Assantewa Heubi
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Online scheduling & appointment setting for realtors

Online Scheduling For Realtors

The housing market has always been dynamic; it shifts in accordance with people's wants and needs. These days, we don't just entertain and rest at home; we often work at home as well. Many open-concept spaces that work wonderfully for dinner parties, family gatherings and game nights, are less than ideal when you have to transform them into home offices and classrooms. Because of this, more people than ever before are looking to improve their work-life balance by relocating. Some people are seeking the peace offered by the minimalism of tiny homes. While other individuals crave the freedom of the countryside, the friendliness of small towns, and the support of multigenerational living.

Finding the perfect new home can be challenging, luckily Realtors are here to help. Passionate and committed Real Estate professionals use their expertise and extensive local networks to help people secure a home they can thrive in. For many people, Google is often the first place they start the hunt for a new home. Once a prospective buyer finds a house or agency that suits their needs, then a game of email tag begins. This can be frustrating for all parties. For the customers, it is often draining, especially if they're engaged in conversations with multiple agencies. As for the real estate professionals, the back and forth of text-based messaging can sometimes lead to the loss of a customer if there is an unforeseen delay or technical glitch when attempting to reply.

What if, instead of having to engage in a digital game of hot potato, prospective house hunters could simply click on a link to secure a date and time when they can speak face-to-face with the realtor of their choice. This is where comes in. Cal is an open-source online scheduling platform that offers integrated video chat and round-robin appointment setting. Cal is HIPAA, DSGVO, GDPR and CCPA compliant, which means it's private and secure. Cal is also white-label friendly thereby ensuring that your brand remains first and foremost.

The flexible nature of Cal means that Realtors can choose whether they want to use the default account structure available on our website, or if they want to host their own custom implementation of Cal. It's a simple matter for real estate professionals to incorporate a Cal as part of their website, and as a link on their social media profiles. In addition, Cal's appointment scheduling form can be customized to allow prospective clients to book either a direct video chat session time to speak over the phone, depending on each agency's communication preferences.

From meetings between colleagues to client retention, Cal makes appointment setting easier. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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