Sunday, January 15, 2023 · 3 min read v.2.5 - Fixed round robin & more

Ciarán Hanrahan
Ciarán HanrahanHead of Product v.2.5 - Fixed round robin & more

Welcome to the first product update of 2023 from the team. We have an inspiring roadmap for the year ahead and look forward to sharing everything with you here!

We finished 2022 focussing on fixing and polishing various aspects of our app. As well as enjoying some much-needed downtime over the last month, we merged over 200 pull requests covering different aspects of our app. This work covered UI inconsistencies, bug fixes, improved interactions and some code cleanup, all work enabling us to hit 2023 running. 

Our first big feature announcement this year follows a theme that we will be focussing a lot of our efforts on in the first quarter, scheduling for teams…

Fixed host on a round robin

A perfect example would be setting up a sales representative within a specific region and rotating through members of the engineering team who need to be on the call. We will ensure that availability only shows where the salesperson and at least one engineer is available.

Cal Video Recording

Users on our team's plans can now record calls using Cal Video. You’ll see a "Rec" button in calls that you can press to record the meeting. To view your recordings, visit the past bookings page. Any bookings that have recordings will show a "View recordings” button.

New features & improvements

New App:

Amie is a new calendar and productivity app that intuitively schedules time for todos, events, and contacts. In addition, you can now sync todos and events from Amie with

Booking Filters

A significant improvement for teams, we’ve added filters on the booking page so you can now easily filter between your teams and your team members.

Booking success page shows the previous time and rescheduled reason

The confirmed booking pages now show the previously scheduled time and the reason provided for the rescheduling, so you have more context for the change in your booking.

Routing Forms: Reusable Router & Router Linked Fields

Customers that are power users of Routing Forms have asked for the ability to connect several routing forms. Well, ask, and you shall receive! You now can connect several routing forms (aka "routers), and when you update one "router" or "routing form," the connected forms will be updated. This is especially useful when you need to have the same form duplicated multiple times but need common field names to be updated when they are updated in a specific form.

Google Meet is now an installable app 

Google Meet is now installable and separate from the Google Calendar connection. You still need to have a Google Calendar connected to install it; if you don't, it will automatically divert you to connect to a Google Calendar. If you don't, we will fall back to Cal video.

New variable for custom workflow templates: {MEETING_URL} 

Our already existing variable {LOCATION} only fetches which conferencing tool is used (Google Meet, Zoom Video, etc.). The new variable {MEETING_URL} can be used to add the video conferencing link of the meeting to your custom workflow template. 

Webhooks for team event types

This feature adds back the ability to create webhooks for team event types. Previously, this could only be done on individual events.

Added 23:59 as a valid availability select option.

Due to some flaws in our logic, previously you couldn't be booked right up to midnight. We've resolved this so now the last slot in your day will always be available.


There were so many fixes last month we can’t fit them all in, but you can view them all here.

Tip of the month: Use Routing forms to qualify people before your calls

With routing forms, you can ask questions of potential bookers to connect them with the right person or event automatically, or even just provide a link. This can be a huge time saver if you want to ensure a booker meets certain criteria before allowing them to block time on your calendar. Routing Forms are easy to customize and are no-code friendly. You can create custom forms in your account, or you can connect routing forms to external form builders like Typeform.

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back with more features around teams next month.

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