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v2.7 - Booking questions, new docs & more…

Ciarán Hanrahan
Ciarán HanrahanHead of Product
v2.7 - Booking questions, new docs & more…

Welcome to our third release of 2023, version 2.7! We are excited to share more exciting updates and many bug fixes. This month we also released a new set of documentation with videos to make it easier and more accessible for anyone that references them. Let’s dig into it.

Complete control over your booking questions

You can now take full control of the questions presented on your booking page. Name and email are required fields, but you can edit the labels and re-order them as you wish. We also used to add “Additional notes” as an optional question; you can now hide or edit this as needed. We have input types for short & long text, phone, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns and more!

Workflows for teams

You can now create Workflows specifically for your teams. When creating a workflow, you can specify which team you want to create it for. You can quickly apply it to particular event types within the Workflow. These workflows will also show up within your team's event types. This is part of our ongoing efforts to streamline the experience on our Teams plan.

Beautiful new official docs

Our DevRel Ali has been seriously hard at work over the last few months putting together our new, incredibly comprehensive documentation.

The docs contain resources to help you learn about how to use, as well as providing advanced documentation covering how to build on top of both in the codebase, by API and more. The guides go into depth on how you can best integrate and extend for your needs. They also have fantastic videos running you through everything.

If you have any feedback on the docs, you can provide it at the bottom of any page

New features & improvements

Prisma Data Proxies
We are now using Prisma Data Proxies which improves the pooling, load balancing and scaling of our database connections. It is optional for self-hosters.

New App: Cron
We've added our favourite calendar app Cron to our ever-growing list of calendar apps!

Cal Video gets supercharged
You can now quickly and easily view the meeting info in your calls with Cal video (who, what, where, when) from a nicely implemented slide over that can be accessed from the left of your screen. Super neat.

One for the async crowd
You can now limit the total time that any event type can be booked. Limit per day, week, month or year.

Event names with more variables
You can now use your booking question responses as variables to create custom event names for your calendar. Checkout the Loom to see how it works.

Introducing editor for event types
We added a rich text editor for your event-type descriptions which includes new lines & line breaks, hyperlinks on text, bold and italics.

Unlimited locations
You can now add as many locations to an event type as you want.

Easily find your city
We've added the ability to search by city in the timezone selector to make life easier for your bookers if the browser hasn't picked it up correctly, (or they want to see what time it is for you!)

Confirmation page update
Booking confirmation pages and emails now display translated and localized dates, times, and timezones.

Hide attendees from the calendar description

Editing availability is much easier
Small UX improvement for copying times from one day to another in Availability schedules. 

Lots of mobile improvements

One for the calendar nerds
Improved the logic for determining months between dates improved.

Custom brand colour improvements
We improved how custom brand colors affect your publish booking pages.

Update to Node v18
We now use Node v18 to take advantage of performance improvements and also due to v16 being deprecated real soon. We're also now using yarn v3 to speed up both local installs and CI pipelines


  • Fixed a username case sensitivity issue. Now and  work the same [user]/[type]. 

  • Fix: default conferencing app not showing the correct value after being updated. 

  • Fixes issue that zaps with trigger stopped working after a while.

  • Fix for SMS actions being disabled and branding still showing when a user with a premium username disabled it.

  • The booking page now displays translated and localized dates, times, and time zones.

  • Fix errors on team impersonation.

  • Fix displaying the correct default app in the app store list. 

  • Fix: Embed scrollbar on windows is now removed

  • Fixes an issue where the times on mobile jumped around when you changed the date.

  • Fixes some variables in the custom template for webhooks.

  • Fix in availability to ensure we always show the timezone for a schedule, regardless of whether there are days available or not. 

  • Fix for a scenario where people were being prompted to upgrade to teams after already purchasing.

  • Fixing rescheduling bug with seats: when the attendee was not the last one in a booking (attendees were being removed from the event calendar).

  • We pushed so many fixes this month that we can’t list them all here, but you can view all here.

Important tip: Bookers that use google calendar may need to update their settings to avoid missing events

This one was shared on Twitter by @rachel_l_woods:

“It looks like Google might have auto-opted in people to this new setting that hides calendar invites from unknown senders. Supposedly to prevent calendar spam. But has now caused me to miss 2 meetings with no idea that they were scheduled”

From our investigation, this won’t affect you the organiser, but it might affect people booking you.

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back with more features and improvements next month.

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